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“A Future Past”

01. Argon Decibel

02. Look Up To The Sky

03. Time

04. Evening Return

05. Fatigue In Cmin

06. Gravity

07. How To Transform

08. Millennium Drift


09. Into Silence

10. Rise and Fall

11. Slowtime Parallel

12. Vanish

13. Wasteland Lore

14. Swim

15. The Uncanny Valley (digital only)


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Two years after releasing his latest album, electronic musician Keenhouse returns to the fold with “Argon Decibel”, the introductory single for his third LP to date. Memories of tomorrow, sci-fi surrealism and futuristic impressionism are the main inspirations that define his new album. “I started to work on this album right after my last production. At that time I wanted to try something different musically, observing music and sound from a visual perspective”, Keenhouse affirms. The official first single “Argon Decibel” clearly depicts that artistic and human metamorphosis Keenhouse is experimenting with his new production, a powerful transition to acoustic instruments combined with synthetic sounds, which unquestionably is an inherent part of Keenhouse’s style. “There are strings and brass sections that I wanted to incorporate for a long time, acoustic instruments that for me can’t ever be replaced by any machine or synthesizer. Those classical sounds combined with electronic music can create this sort of juxtaposition, which I like to experiment with”, says Keenhouse.